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Since 1998 our antique shop "ANTICHITA' BIOLCHINI", situated in the heart of Milan, in the artistic district of Brera, is specialized in the trading of Russian Art.

A peculiar feature of our professional service is to provide our customers with objects of only the highest quality and in excellent condition. We offer a wide selection of antiques to collect such as:
Religious icons of various subjects and sizes, from 17th to 19th century, painted on wooden boards, coated by silver oaklad with enamels cloisonné and champlevé.

Russian silverware of 18th and 19th centuries: tea sets, snuffboxes, cigar cases, niello glasses, trays and small baskets embossed and chiselled, saltcellars and cigarette cases decorated with enamels cloisonné and champlevé and more.

Bronze jouney icons from 16th to 19th century; plateware, statuettes and porcelain sets.

Lacquered boxes in papier- maché: they are little masterpieces and on their surfaces fairy tales and mankind scenes are depicted, of the period from 19th century till the fall of Berlin's wall.

We also place our expertise in appraisal, polishing and restoration of Russian icons and silverware at our customers' disposal.

Biolchini Antichità - Street Fiori Chiari, 12 - 20121 Milano
Phone +39286996089 - VAT Number 12540650152

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